“A legacy to the children, grandchildren and generations thereafter”
A book authored by Kikuttobudde Sekkadde Kiyingi.

Kiyingi Roots is largely a genealogical account of the Kiyingi extended family, a typical average family in Buganda, a Kingdom within a country Uganda. More specifically, Kiyingi Roots is a biography of the family patriarch Paulo Kikwanguyira Banadda Kiyingi (PK).


PK (1896 – 1968) was a man of humble origins who was born into a large extended family, within the Ndiga (sheep) clan at the end of the 19th Century. He was educated and groomed in a British school system in Uganda, employed in a colonial civil service, and rose to answer a call to champion the cause and voice of his people during the British colonial occupation of his motherland country Uganda and Kingdom of Buganda.

For a long time PK’s efforts and those of his fellow nationalists went largely unrecognized in the political history of Uganda and Buganda, ostensibly because they were branded dissidents, agitators, rebels and destabilizers by the British historians and sympathizers of the day. It has only been of late, that Kiyingi and his compatriots are being seen in a new light, first and foremost by their own descendants, and then other like-minded people. They are receiving posthumous recognition as having been nationalists, martyrs and heroes of their time. They are our “Unsung Heroes”.

Who will benefit from reading this book?

There will be millions of people all over the whole world who will want to recognize, in whatever small way, the role their parents played in their lives and the lives of their neighbourhood, locality or nation. This book will show them how to. There will be many more who will want to trace their origins and ancestry and document them succinctly, draw up a family tree for themselves, their children and grandchildren. This book will exemplify that.

All the children and grandchildren, relatives and friends, and generations hereafter who read this book are urged to always make sure they have some written documentation about their family background, for posterity. For a saying goes like this, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

There is a Luganda version of the book for those who are more inclined to read Luganda, as well as an English version for wider international readership.

DOWNLOAD THE LUGANDA VERSION: Olulyo lwa Kiyingi – Omuzira Ataayatiikirira (1.5MB)

Ennyingo 1: Obujjajja bwa Paulo Kiyingi (PK)
Ennyingo 2: Obuto bwa Paulo Kiyingi
Ennyingo 3: Paulo Kiyingi asajjakula
Ennyingo 4: Ebisooka ku Eseza Nabwami (ENK)
Ennyingo 5: Paulo Kiyingi awasa Eseza Nabwami
Ennyingo 6: Okweyongera mu maaso n’Obujjajja
Ennyingo 7: Obutabanguko mu Buganda mu 1940s
Ennyingo 8: Obulamu e Makeerere mu biseera by’okuwangangusibwa
Ennyingo 9: Paulo Kiyingi ne banne bateebwa
Ennyingo 10: Obulamu e Makeerere
Ennyingo 11: Obulamu e Bukatira
Ennyingo 12: Akasasamalo "Namba 9", 1949
Ennyingo 13: Eby 'Obufuzi nate
Ennyingo 14: Paulo Kiyingi Omunnansi ate ow’Ennono
Ennyingo 15: Ennaku za Paulo Kiyingi ezisembayo
Ennyingo 16: Eseza Kiyingi Omunnansi Omweyagazi
Ennyingo 17: Ebifundikira

DOWNLOAD THE ENGLISH VERSION: Kiyingi Roots: A Life Story of Paulo Kikwanguyira Kiyingi – The Unsung Hero (2.3MB)

Chapter 1: The Paulo Kiyingi (PK) Ancestry
Chapter 2: Paulo Kiyingi’s Upbringing
Chapter 3: Paulo Kiyingi Starts Adult Life
Chapter 4: Eseza Nabwami (ENK) Comes Into the Picture
Chapter 5: Paulo Kiyingi’s Marriage to Eseza Nabwami
Chapter 6: The Kiyingi Ancestral Lineage
Chapter 7: Revolutions in Buganda in the 1940s
Chapter 8: Life at Makerere during the Captivity of Paulo Kiyingi
Chapter 9: Return from Captivity
Chapter 10: Life at Makerere, Kyaddondo
Chapter 11: Life and Nationalism at Bukatira, Bulemeezi
Chapter 12: The 1949 Revolution in Buganda
Chapter 13: Post-revolution and Pre-independence Politics
Chapter 14: Paulo Kiyingi in Later Life
Chapter 15: The Last Days of Paulo Kikwanguyira Kiyingi
Chapter 16: Eseza Nabwami Kiyingi
Chapter 17: Concluding Remarks